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Amarel Medical Distribution Solutions

An optimized supply chain can drive more effective patient care at the lowest operational cost. Clinicians and supply chain professionals alike gain the freedom to focus on what matters most.

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Bridge supply chain and clinical performance

Don’t be weighed down by excess inventory. Amarel Medical Inc OnPoint Logistics keeps your levels in check, ensuring supply units meet clinical demand—without overstocking. From distribution center to point of use, our experts will help you create a more efficient flow of supplies, and maximize staff and resources system-wide.

Logistics Excellence +


When it comes to logistics, we think outside the box to help you get down to business. It’s about more than transporting and receiving inventory. We pinpoint and eliminate inefficiencies from your supply chain so your staff can spend more time with patients and less time unpacking and organizing supplies.decisions, all thanks to an entrepreneurial culture. Every day, we come to work with one purpose: to help our partners free up the resources they need to deliver their best care.



This enhanced version of our Logistics solution ensures your supplies



  •     Unboxed and shipped in totes on carts that can be wheeled
  •     directly to their final destination upon arrival at your facility
  •     Ready to be placed directly on shelves
  •     CPT/drape/gown cardboard is removed from the perioperative area



Consolidate non-traditional inventory into your traditional distribution channel for reduced POs, deliveries and touchpoints.


  •     Manufacturer-direct physician preference items (PPI)
  •     Pandemic medical supplies
  •     Capital equipment, beds and furniture



We’ve got this, so you can get more done. Consider your operations handled with a variety of outsourcing solutions designed to help fill any gaps in your supply chain.


Inventory management


  •     Clinical Inventory management
  •     Suture and endomechanical inventory management
  •     Receiving, picking, stocking or special projects


All-in assistance


  •     Fully managed warehouse
  •     Fully managed consolidated service center
  •     OR Select case cart picking


All-in assistance


Our Dealer Drop Ship Program delivers products straight from our distribution centers to your customer’s front door without adding storage space or carrying cost.


Internet Drop Ship


Are you an ecommerce retailer? Expand your online catalog with Amarel Medical Inc products.


Don’t let storage constraints or inventory costs keep you from growing your business. Contact us for Drop Ship solution and leave the logistics to us.


When you partner with Amarel Medical Inc to deliver products to your customers, you can add more than 10,000 items to your store without using a single extra square foot of space or a spending a dime on new inventory.


We’ll ship the products via Air, Ground or Ocean Freight shipping from one of our distribution centers directly to your customers, or we can ship to you. There’s a flat-rate shipping fee on Air cargo no matter how many items you ship.

Environmental Policy


At Amarel Medical Inc. we are entirely committed to safe-guarding to the best of our ability all aspects of the environment which could be affected by any activities we undertake, and promoting by example and instruction, a positive attitude to environmental compliance with its legal obligations in environmental matters, but will encourage proactive attitudes in anticipating problems, and in seeking out and adopting the very best solutions wherever practical.


Amarel Medical Inc. operates in a number of fields, each of which carries its own environmental risks and opportunities. Imaginative and vigilant awareness of these factors must be developed by all management, who will ensure that assessment of the particular environmental risks inherent in their areas of work are given priority in their short and long term planning.


We promote a positive attitude on environmental issues to our employees, sub-contractors and any third parties with whom we do business.


Not only do we comply with the legal obligations across all environmental matters relating to our industry, but we also do our utmost to encourage proactive attitudes, to anticipate any issues before they arise and to adopt the most environmentally-friendly solutions wherever we can.


Protection of our environment is the responsibility of everyone throughout the company. The importance of this declaration of policy will be stressed to all employees, while all sub-contractors will be required to confirm their compliance.

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Decide What Product You Need

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